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Todd Andrews Sculpture


Todd Andrews' career spans over thirty years. Internationally renown, his magnificent sculptures have become landmarks in many cities and corporate headquarters throughout the United States. Todd has gained national and international recognition as a leader in the creation of Heroic Art. His work is displayed in public and private collections throughout the world. In 1987, he received international acclaim through the prestigious "Gold Key" award, presented to the Holiday Inn in Buellton, California, which showcases his monumental piece, "El Rejoneo".

Todd has made the transformation from Teacher at Santa Barbara City College to Owner/Artist of TASCO (Todd Andrews Sculpture Company). Located in the Sierra Nevada foothills in Northern California, TASCO serves as an original design studio, as well as an enlarging facility for monumental sculptures. From his studio comes an impressive array of monumental sculptures which are not only aesthetically pleasing, but (in his opinion), "Immortalizes our heritage". While specializing in figurative, representational work, he also fashions surreal, abstract and geometric sculptures. Whether immortalizing our heritage or creating a powerful statement to enhance magnificent settings, Todd's work stands as a testimonial to his ability to preserve the past or translate another's vision into a dynamic, expressive work of art. In his own words, "My forte is the ability to transform your dreams into an exciting reality".

Todd's versatility as an artist and designer adds a fresh and exciting approach to every project. Each work has its own story to tell and through Todd's ability comes alive and animated, speaking volumes to its magnificence, power and drama. Whether it is his delicate, graceful Mermaid Fountain at the Port De Plaissance Resort in St. Martin or the massive and powerful"Gentle Giant Monument" in Nevada County, California, or his exciting, dynamic equine piece "Caballos". All of Todd's work reflects his emphasis on strength, dignity, & grace. It is this emphasis and attention to detail that makes each and every work so distinctive and alive.

In his capacity as a Storyteller/Artist, Todd wants his audience to feel the power, grace, and majesty of each distinctive piece. In his commission for Ericsson Stadium, home of the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte, North Carolina TASCO produced six monumental panthers to grace the entrances of their new stadium. "As the audience enters the stadium I want them to feel the "Indomitable Spirit" of the Carolina Panthers. The general public, even if they are not art aficionados, will be given the subliminal message that there is excitement in the air. The panther is symbolic of power and virility and this work reflects that athletic, indomitable, and proud spirit. As you gaze into the eyes of the panther, you will momentarily be lost in the hypnotic trance of this sculpture. It exudes a feeling of power and passion."

It is this passion for whatever he is doing that illuminates Todd's work making it a distinctive and powerful statement for all who reflect upon it, whether it be a monumental piece gracing a public building or a collector's piece in a private residence.

Todd believes in honest work. He runs TASCO with a professionalism that is evident. It is this very attitude that protects the artistic process that is so vital for quality monumental art. The walls of his studio are decorated with inspirational messages; one in particular stands out; "Art is the smile of the human soul".

El Rejoneo
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mermaid fountain
Gentle Giant
Carolina panthers